Ken Downing Report

The trend event with Ken Downing was fun. Neiman Marcus always does a lovely job hosting events. From champagne to cosmos and fresh caprese to puff pastries full of chicken salad, they catered to the max. Ken Downing was very entertaining. I sat next to his mother and she was happy to have him in Seattle for Mother's Day. It was such a small event, I was able to sit in the front row! Whoop whoop! I'm not quite sure who was invited to this event, but there were a lot of cougars -- and I don't mean the animal. Every time a male model came out, the cougars would focus right on the ass and glaze over with that cougary rape stare! Despite the cougs, I was able to get a good glimpse of Ken's recommended looks for this next year. I'm interested to hear what you think...

According to Ken Downing...

1. Everything you thought was trashy and cheap is now trendy and chic. You can wear tight shiny fabric with sequins in the daytime. To make it look extra cheap... cough cough... I mean chic... you can pair it with a leopard print jacket and six inch platforms.

2. You can now dress "matchy-matchy" if you like. Don't tell my aunt who loves to be full on uni-color. Apparently, you can pair leopard on leopard, denim on denim, nude on nude, and khaki on khaki. I don't know if I will, but go for it! Ken says it's okay!

3. Your grandmother's boxy sport coat is the best accessory for your evening gown.

4. You must have bangles up to your elbow and layer necklaces so high you can't breathe. In Ken's terms, "If you can breath, it isn't tight enough."

5. Suits, Suits, and more Suits. Going to work is now fashionable. Hooray!

6. Army green is the new black.

The sucky thing is that my friend Amanda was ready to drop some serious cash to buy things after the show. However, Neiman Marcus was closed! If they do an event like this in the future, I suggest leaving the store open so people can make bad decisions.

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tris1978ton said...

LOL. Cougars. Funny.
Great fashion advice. Love when you said "if you can breath, it's not tight enough"