Q&A: Eva Chen

Since this week is Seattle Fashion Week, I decided to feature interviews with some local designers that will be showing their collections. Eva Chen is going to showcase her work right next to Blayne Walsh and Vera Wang at the Established & International Designer show. Eva grew up in a very artistic family. She has been experimenting in the arts since she was six years old. Fashion design came natural to Eva, and she's worked as a fashion designer in several countries including the United States, Singapore, China, and now Canada. She's a sought after custom designer, so keep her in mind for your next event.

Darrah: Where are you from, and how has that influenced your design aesthetic?

Eva: I came from China. What influenced me was when I was six years old, I began learning music, singing, and dancing. In the aspect of music, I have had six years of professional Er Hu training. Er Hu is a Chinese instrument. From age eleven, I began receiving professional training in sketching and coloring. I obtained a fashion design diploma after four years of education. These childhood lessons have influenced my current design. Afterwards, I lived in Singapore and the United States. During this time, I traveled around the world, gaining a lot of experience and inspiration.

Darrah: How old were you when you created your first garment? What was it?

Eva: I was in first year university when I created my first creative jacket. This jacket was made out of wool fabric, and is specifically for females. The design emphasized on the shoulder portion.

Darrah: Did anyone ever challenge your dream to be a designer? Was that always your dream?

Eva: I once had a few university teachers who encouraged me to keep pursuing this dream. This dream to become a designer is my lifelong dream. I never once thought of giving up on becoming a designer.

Darrah: Where do you see the future of fashion?

Eva: I see the future of fashion enlightening the world, and bringing out the uniqueness in every individual.

Darrah: A lot of people might argue that couture isn't wearable. What's your response to that?

Eva: I personally believe that couture is wearable, however only to celebrities and upper-class individuals. My motive is to design fashion so that it can advance to the point where regular people can still bring out their attractiveness without wearing couture.

Darrah: Is your collection truly couture and made to order?

Eva: My collection of clothing is truly couture. I have many clients who will order the clothing that I design. Their opinion of my collection is that they think it is extremely stunning.

Darrah: What makes your collection so special?

Eva: The material that I use for my collection is of high quality, and my design of cutting and sewing are truly exquisite.

Darrah: How many pieces will you be showing in your collection at Seattle Fashion Week?

Eva: Thirty pieces.

Darrah: What do you hope will come out of showing your work at Seattle Fashion Week?

Eva: I hope that by showing my work, other people can appreciate the clothing that I design.

Darrah: What's your synopsis of the Seattle fashion scene?

Eva: I believe that Seattle fashion is a very professional and successful industry. It provides an opportunity for designers to demonstrate their abilities.

Darrah: Where is your favorite place to shop?

Eva: I enjoy shopping for shoes. For clothing, I mostly wear the clothing that I design myself.

Darrah: What's your favorite magazine?

Eva: My favorite magazine are the Elle and Vogue flyers.

Feel free to check out more of Eva's work on her website Juan Eva Couture. If you want to see her work up close, she'll be showing her collection this Saturday at the WAMU theater as part of Seattle Fashion Week's Established & International Designer show.


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