Trend Spotting: Neiman Marcus

Tonight I'll be heading to a champagne reception and fashion presentation to meet Neiman Marcus trend spotter Ken Downing, Senior Vice President / Fashion Director as he shares his fashion perspective for Spring/Summer 2010.

I'm always curious to know the trends because nobody ever follows them (ie. the normal people). Trends are idealistic and ironic. We hope people wear pastels and mix tweed with green cargo, but they're still wearing UGGs with skinny jeans. I don't blame them. In this economy, it's very difficult to keep up with the trends when you can't keep up with your rent. Granted, Neiman Marcus is the last place you should be if you can't keep up with your rent.

My advice is to keep your wardrobe simple. Then, feel free to have a hay day with your accessories. Buy the gladiator sandals, the chunky necklaces, and the motorcycle cut-off leather gloves. Updating your accessories is the cheapest way to keep up on the trends.

Feel free to comment if you have any additional tips on how to stay trendy on a budget.


Emerald Dandy said...

You make a really great point, and I have to agree! Keeping your wardrobe classic and updating it through accessories is such an easy way to be on trend!

I also find myself buying true, classic staples that might be a little pricier (but will last longer) and tend to buy cheaper trendy, more exposable pieces (ie. Zara, H&M, vintage, etc).

Enjoy Ken Downing! I hope you report back to those of us who couldnt make it!

Rebekah said...

I wanted to attend this event! I just need to wait a few more weeks until I have a little more free time. Can't wait to hear how it went.