Matthew Preece

I found London based photographer, Matthew Preece, in a Facebook group. Just to note -- that is the last place I would expect to find such vivid talent. Preece takes a very deconstructive approach to photography. He removes all pre-conceptions, and lets the moment move on its own. As I browsed his work, I felt very drawn to it. Perhaps you will feel the same...

Darrah: What made you fall in love with photography?

Matthew: My interest started very late when I realized I didn't want to do my old job for the rest of my life. I always had ideas, but didn't have the creative outlet to pursue them. Photography gave me this. Soon into my career I realized that fashion would be the most creative outlet for me. However, I still love all disciplines including animals. Maybe my next project could combine the two!

Darrah: I noticed on your website that you cover both fashion and animals. Do you work with an agency, or for yourself?

Matthew: I work solely for myself. I would like to get representation next year, and that is something I am working on this year. To create a body of work that will represent what I do, and what clients will be buying, is a long old process!

Darrah: The name of your website is "Abandon Photography." What does that mean?

Matthew: Without wanting to seem too "up my own arse," I am trying to ask the viewer or client to abandon all pre-concieved ideas about what can be conveyed by an image, or captured by a machine. Maybe it isn’t the photography that speaks. Maybe you can forget the photographer is there at all. The image or feel is bigger than the photography that put it there.

Darrah: Brilliantly put. I can't think of a better name for your work. Tell me -- what was the Asian inspired photo-shoot all about? What designer was that?

Matthew: The designer specializes in bespoke corsets, one-offs and all had a definite bondage feel to them. The theme was "Cyber Geisha" and was created by Fiona Tanner who added the styling to her make-up and hair duties. We have worked on a few projects together, but this one seems to grab the most attention. It all came together very nicely.

Darrah: Memoirs of a Geisha was one of my favorite books, so perhaps that's why I love it so much. It's just powerful. What about the other shoot? Who designed those billowing gowns?

Matthew: Those dresses were by Death For A Doll. When the model started moving the fabric there was only one way to shoot them. I would like to do a similar shoot that involves a trampoline!

Darrah: Sounds fun! I'm impressed with the way you capture movement. How do you go about that?

Matthew: I try to allow the subject to come into the frame by pre-focusing, re-composing, and changing focus points. I guess instinct has a little to do with it, however, there is a lot of waste as well. A model has to be master of repetition!

Darrah: I like that. So, what goes into the decision making process of selecting a shoot that is right for you? I imagine something like actors picking a script.

Matthew: Some concepts I like a lot -- some less. I always want to stretch myself so rarely do I say "no" to anything. If someone approaches me to shoot with them, it usually means they think my style is suitable for their project.

Darrah: What is your favorite shot to-date?

Matthew: There is a black and white shot of a Polish couple on my website. It has a certain feel about it -- a mood of storytelling.

Darrah: That's what I love about your photography. This next question is sort of cliche -- What inspires you?

Matthew: The most obvious, and the most unlikely sources. Just last night, I was watching football and noticed how the light from floodlights was falling on the players. It gave me an idea for a sports/fashion shoot. One to add to the list! I love leafing through magazines as well.

Darrah: How often do you take a picture?

Matthew: Everyday, in some way or another.

Darrah: Where do you think your photography is taking you?

Matthew: I hope it will take me to some far flung places!! I know it makes me happy and that’s a good start.

Darrah: Happiness is probably the reason to start. So, where can my readers see more of your photography?

Matthew: My website. On the contact page there is a link to my Flickr slideshow where you can see my most recent work, before it goes onto the main site. I'm also planning a couple submissions to magazines in the Autumn. Fingers crossed!!!

Darrah: By the way -- what is your favorite magazine?

Matthew: 125 -- the images in there just blow me away. For something a little more raw and fashion oriented, I'd pick Dansk. I try to vary which ones I buy.

Darrah: Wow, the first photographer not to say Vogue! I've never even heard of those magazines! You've given me some homework...


Darragh. said...

wow, so cool, love the photos.
another darrah with great taste.

Darrah said...

I wish I could say it's just in the name... haha! The real taste is in this great photographer. You'll have to check out his Flickr. He has such amazing work.

Capree said...

Great interview! Thanks for introducing me to new talent - Matthew has some pretty awesome work!

Underfunded Heiress said...

So taleted. Love the pics.

No rain in Seattle -lucky :)

lydiafairy said...

I love his style!!! Great interview sweetie!

Sam said...

Great interview! Just like the pictures

Leigh said...

These are fantastic, and great interview! I really like how Matthew has a view on the image as not an image but a feeling.

Thanks for the introduction :)


K @ Blog Goggles said...

Awesome work. And I love his reason for why he started doing what he does. What other reason is there?

Lilith said...

his photographs are absolutely amazing.