Antique a la Mode

I've been wanting to add some "Satorialist" style to my blog. I'm just too shy to approach people on the streets! Hence why I'm a writer. Luckily, my sister is a photographer, and feels completely comfortable talking to strangers! I saw this woman at an antique show this weekend, and couldn't let the moment slip by! Her outfit was absolutely adorable. The fur hat is what caught my eye. I saw one of my friends in Milan wearing something similar during fashion week. She inspired me to try on some vintage hats, but I don't think they looked as good. I just love the confidence she exudes in wearing this outfit mid-day around a bunch of elderly women in their white Reeboks.

Thrift-Store Confessions (Part Two)

Darrah: "Hey Lydia, I just thought of a really good idea. I'm going to start hanging out with old ladies, be best friends forevers, and wait till they die so I can steal all their awesome vintage jewelry."

Lydia: "You're awful!!"

Darrah: "You know it's a good idea."


lydia said...

Haha! You ARE terrible!!! Hahah!

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Oh, she does look great in her vintage! Love the sweater with fur collar.

Kira Fashion said...

Is a dress? I love it! The skirt volum is magnifique!


a kiss and a great blog!thanks a lot for passing at mine, see you!


Darrah said...

Yes, it is a dress. She was swishing it around when we took the picture. You could tell she loved it!

Toothache and Vinyl said...

great outfit