Guest Post: Rivka Norene

First off, thanks to Darrah for the opportunity to do a guest-post! I'm here to talk a little about my Etsy shop, Rivka Norene.

I opened my shop on Etsy a little over a year ago, but I just got serious about it this month. I've been making jewelry for as long as I can remember, starting with friendship bracelets in the first grade. Over the years, I've taught myself a lot of jewelry-making skills, but my favorite techniques are wire-wrapping and beading. I love being able to take a design I see on TV, or at a boutique, and reinterpret it with my own perspective. Besides making beautiful, fun, and a little bit funky pieces, I strive for durability. Too often I've paid $25 or more for a necklace that I wore twice before it started to fall apart. So my philosophy is to make pieces that are wearable and built to last. I hope you get the chance to check it out!

As a special to Darrah's Dresser followers, I'm offering a $5 discount on any single purchase made before December 10, 2009 (this will ship in time for the holidays!). Just send me a message once you've checked out (but before you've made your payment) with the subject: "Darrah's Discount."


Farrah @ Distrikmode said...

Ooh this is great! I'll definitely check out the etsy page :)


Eternally Fixated said...

Loveeee your blog!!!!!!

Pls check out our fashion style & Celebrity gossip blog!!


denise, the prime magpie said...

Beautiful necklace -- it's disco magic! And I like the delicate earrings. Love how all the pieces have movement to them, and have their own kinetic appeal. Loving on that necklace, though, as it's a great statement piece!


This is beautiful!
I will go check it out ;)

Mocani said...

amazing !