Q&A: Logan Neitzel

If you're excited for the upcoming season of Project Runway, you'll love this designer close-up with Seattle native, Logan Neitzel. He has a brilliant knack for design, and I look forward to seeing his execution come to life. Neitzel was kind enough to spend a few minutes answering some of my questions. There were a few that his publicist had to throw out, but that's only because I want to know all the secrets right now! Make sure to check out his S/S 09 collection, and watch him on Season 6 premiering Thursday, August 20th at 10pm ET/PT.

Darrah: Where does your drive for design come from?

Logan: I've always been a driven person in everything I do. I love to stay motivated. Creating designs is my artistic outlet.

Darrah: What advice would you give other aspiring designers?

Logan: Find your niche, figure out your style, and run with it. People will love you and people will hate you -- it's a difficult art form. You must have tough skin.

Darrah: What made you decide to audition for Project Runway?

Logan: I was in a transitional point in my design career, and though auditioning for Project Runway would be a smart endeavor.

Darrah: Are you a competitive person?

Logan: I've been known to be competitive.

Darrah: What did you think of the timed challenges?

Logan: It was a love/hate relationship. One the one hand, you have to simplify certian aspects of your pieces, and sacrifice your design for the sake of having a finished product. On the other hand, it didn't give you the opportunity to over-think your work to the point of driving yourself mad.

Darrah: What's your favorite fabric, and why?

Logan: I love structured materials that age with the person and break in naturally over the course of time, such as leather. When executed correctly, leather can follow the body and act like a second skin.

Darrah: Where do you go for fabric in Seattle?

Logan: I mostly travel for my fabric.

Darrah: I was watching some videos of you on Lifetime, and and your closet at home looks amazing! I noticed you made some of your own garments. Can you name a few of your favorite pieces?

Logan: Currently, my closet is a disaster. As far as my own pieces, I don't attach myself to anything I create. As an artist, I find my successful formula of action to be: conceptualize, create, move on.

Darrah: What do you look for in a model who's wearing your clothes?

Logan: A sexy, confident, strong, and powerful entity.

Darrah: What's the most important aspect to design?

Logan: That question is better left for Mr. Valentino and Mr. Lagerfeld to answer. Ask me again in 50 years.

Darrah: I just found out that you have a fashion blog as well. Who are your favorite bloggers, and why?

Logan: The blogs I follow regularly are Jak & Jil, Blogging Project Runway for obvious reasons, and really any other fashion, art, or design blogs. I'm always looking for interesting things online.

Darrah: Will you be showing at Bellevue Fashion Week this fall?

Logan: No. I will be showing my spring/summer collection in New York during fashion week this fall.

Darrah: Can you give us any sneak peeks about the show?! I can't wait until August 20th!

Logan: It will be pretty interesting because Season 6 is the first season to be filmed in Los Angeles, and not New York -- so there are many different elements to our season. There are some interesting challenges, judges, and talented designers. I think you'll really enjoy it.


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