Blog Award

Blog awards are funny. I'm not quite sure what to think about them. Are they chain letters? Are they disguised link swaps? Or, does someone actually love your blog enough to give it a digital award? What does it all mean?!

I did some Googling, and found out that I've been given a number of these, and never realized it! Apparently, I received a "Blog of the Day" award back in February - what?! That's awesome! I bring this up because two of my favorite local bloggers, Needle + Thread and A Girl's Guide to Seattle tagged me with the Kreativ Blog Award. I'm flattered to be listed in their Top 7 Favorite Blogs, and would put them there as well. However, thousands of people have received this award. If we continue the chain, everyone will have the award. How special is that?

According to the "rules," you have to list 7 facts about yourself, and then pass it along to 7 other bloggers. Boring... Don't you think it's much more fun to break the rules?! I do! I'm gonna mix it up and list 7 fashionable secrets about myself, but I'm requesting that my favorite bloggers feature one post about the future of fashion journalism. For that, I'll give them the Fashion for Thought award!

Fashionable Secrets

1. I like wearing tights with peep-toes.
2. I've rolled out of bed and gone to class before.
3. My skirt caught a gust of wind in the quad, and we all know what happened from there...
4. I change into sweats the minute I get home.
5. I don't know how to do my eye make-up.
6. Some of my favorite finds are from thrift stores.
7. I like to play dress up when nobody is around.

Favorite Blogs

1. Style Bubble because she's continually pushing the boundaries in fashion.
2. Couture Allure because she's always teaching us something new about the way women used to dress.
3. ... love Megan for her fabulous DIY posts!
4. Lady Melbourne due to the fact that she really does have the perfect wardrobe.
5. The Clothes Horse because she's so passionate behind her writing and it's so easy to get sucked in.
6. Dream Dressing because I admire her creative route to afford designer pieces.
7. This Chick's Got Style because this Amsterdam native has definitely got style!


Anonymous said...

cute shoes!

Annie said...

I would say about 80% of my favorite clothes have come from thrift stores! I think it's just so cool to have a piece that you know nobody else will!

Delectable Swank said...

Hahaha, I totally know what you mean about changing into sweats as soon as you get home. I am the same way!

Kym said...

#3 - haha!
#4 - me too!
#5 - ME TOO! i never get it on the first try. hahha! booooo! :[

Lily G. said...

I love those secrets!

Shin said...

I kind of feel the same way about blog awards but I think it's sweet of anyone to give an award to someone. I love all your favorite bloggers! They're definitely blogger idols :-) xxoxoxo

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I've always had the same thoughts on blog awards hm...

Shared closet said...

thanks for your coments!! but we arn´t friends, we are sisters and we share the blog! :) haha
Love your blog! :}
Paula& Valentina

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh love hearing your secrets,
I'm off to check out your cool links, thanks.

Couture Carrie said...

Love this tag... I wish I were a skilled thrifter like you! And I also love tights and peep toes :)


ariel romano said...

hi darrah, thanks for stopping by my blog and being such a sweetheart. you'll make me blush with all those compliments!
i'm adding you to my cool kids listtt
take care


TheGlamorousEccentric said...

i love tights with peeptoes but i never do it i just admire on fashionable women like you and think to myself wow...

congrats on the blog award!!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Aw, thank you for the award and what you wrote. :)
I'm so terrible at make up as well! And I love awesome thrift finds--somehow it feels more special when you dig for it.


I do love your faves too!

Kisses and hugs girl!

have a great time :)

Bella said...

Your list of Fashionable Secrets is soooo adorable... tights and peep toes! Definitely. xxx

Marian said...

darling abso loving your tag answers! i like to play dress up too,love that you wear tights with peep toes :)
congrats on the blog award swetie

Monica said...

I love playing dress up as well. I think that comes from my tomboy childhood of never playing around with cute little girl dresses.

kirstyb said...

yay for the award! i think they are chain mail kinda xoxox

yiqin; said...

Tights wit peep toes are really nice :D

Anonymous said...

Love those pumps!

xo t

Nataliexxx said...

Well done for achieving a faboulous award honey!

You deserve it <3

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

well done on your awards!

Zhcsyra hp said...

fab award,.awwh.,.,

Anonymous said...
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