Thrift Store Confessions

I had the day off work, so my sister and I decided to hit up some thrift stores. The first store we entered was called Granny's Attic in Puyallup. It's completely non-profit, and run by volunteers. My sister found a jar of old vintage buttons, some doilies (omg she's like grandma!), and a sweet yearbook from the 1920's. I thought she was a little strange for picking up an old yearbook, but it ended up being a great discussion piece over lunch. It was fun to look at old fashion, read what the students wrote, and see what this town was about. Then, I pulled out my Blackberry, and googled "Binghamton Central High School." Apparently Rod Serling, the creator of the Twilight Zone, went to this high school?! Of course the Twilight Zone has to get involved the day I'm shopping in thrift stores!

I call this blog "Thrift Store Confessions" because whenever we go thrifting, my sister likes to confess things she shouldn't share with the public. For example, there was an old song playing in the first location, and she claimed to own the record. Then, she told me that her restaurant mug could murder someone with its durability... and then this...

"Hey, what's up?! I have a waterfall on my tie!" Hot.

After three thrift stores, I found some amazing pieces to add to my wardrobe. I strictly go for the clothing.

This snake skin belt with soft suede lining cost me $1.50! The mint green is so adorable, and it's perfect for my high-waisted pencil skirts.

I always have a hard time finding vintage shoes in my size, but today must have been my lucky day! These heels from Nordstrom caught my eye immediately. They looked super sweet with my skinny jeans, and the heel is a perfect height for working all day. Better yet, I only spent $3.oo on them!

I picked up a few other things, but dry cleaning called for them immediately. I will show them off in a later post.


alyssa said...

I love this blog...very funny!! Lydia always cracks me up. I can not wait till my girls start to enjoy shopping (maybe not).

Lydia said...


Anonymous said...

love the belt. we should go when i'm home next weekend. -your asian.