City Arts Magazine

I finally landed my first magazine publication! City Arts Magazine published a blurb I wrote on a new t-shirt line launching in the Northwest.

Friends of mine, Jack Saffle, Dominic Vaccaro, and Zeb Zharris are saving the Northwest one t-shirt at a time. With pen and ink as their guide and cotton as their canvas, they incorporate music, mutation, and northwest mindset into each design.

Adorning local skaters with their apparel, Saves NW sponsors their own team – Brandon Smith, Robbie Repp, Matt Keolker, Alex Cassidy, and a kid named Moochy. They run at all the local competitions, and brand owners seem to be very proud. With their designs moving from half-pipe to rail, their clothing line has proved to be more than a pipedream. Local skate shops in Tacoma like Northwest Snowboards, 2FT Sk8 Shop, and the Green Room currently sell their line. Urban Xchange will soon become part of the mix selling Saves t-shirts in September.

As far as going green with the eco-friendly fashion movement, Jack told me, “We are being real careful. Outsourcing to another country can be dangerous, so we are looking for hemp and bamboo in our next run of shirts. It should be out near Christmas.”

Each new line features 5-6 new designs. Having produced 3 runs just this year, alongside shooting their first skate video for their sponsors, these boys are busy.

“We grew up with skateboarding, music, and snowboarding... it’s a culture we got submerged into. The Northwest offers everything we love; it’s an outlet for life, and it’s saved us.”

Check out their amazing designs on their Myspace! And don't forget to pick up an issue of City Arts Magazine to read my blurb!

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