The Rite of Spring

Along with Spring comes this notion of new beginnings. This sense of rebirth, renewal, and regrowth. Having been on a year and a half hiatus from my blog, I never thought I'd come back. I mean, I didn't even renew my domain! However, there's something about the student work at the Art Institute of Seattle that makes me feel like fashion isn't finished. Just when I thought no new ideas could come face to face with fabric, I see strokes of genius sashaying down the Showbox SODO runway. Innovative draping techniques, unique cut-outs, and covetable cloth drips off wobbly-heeled models as they strut in the venomous vicissitude of their peers. I never posted pictures from the last show I went to, but here they are.

Photography by Lydia Selk

Trust me when I say you don't want miss what Joan Kelly is calling her, "greatest show yet." It's worth cancelling your OKC date tonight. Buy your tickets here.

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