Out of the Closet

My first fashion event this summer, and I'm going all out! The 4th Annual Out of the Closet Fashion Event will dominate the W Hotel in Seattle tonight. I can't wait to see men's and women's fashion from The Finierie, Marqsmen, and Veridis come down the runway. It's a Seattle standard to support the local boutique. Not only that, but the event supports Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS and SOAP. Come enjoy a night of complimentary appetizers, happy hour drink prices, friends, pumpin' music, giving to local charities, and the pursuit of fashion in Seattle!

FYI... I'm not actually "coming out." Just going out to party. The dress and shoes are already laid out in the shape of a person on my bed! Just a thought -- Why is it that a gay guy can convince a fashionista into anything? Honestly, my boy at Desert Sun talked me into paying for tans when it's sunny outside! I'll do anything for a Britney partner on the dance floor...

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