Peace, Love & Seattle

I thought I would share the video footage from the Art Institute's fashion show in Seattle. I wish I didn't have to miss it, but I have plans to interview with some of the designers over my spring break. Let me know if you have any favorite looks!


Anonymous said...

3:24 on the second video - "The one that really stood out, was, i believe it was the first one. I call it the petals skirt cuz as you walk it flips back and forth im not sure if you remember that one".

Yes Michelle Lateste... we do remember this from project runway:

Darrah said...

It's definitely a look-a-like.

Karen said...

i love your banner!
- Karen

lydia said...

The best one I saw was a copy of what that sweet gal from Portland was doing on project runway last season, can't remember her name.... But it looked like what she did. Really pretty. Others looked like our nieces had a halloween feast next to a nice dress aka: a mess.