Q&A: Leigh Bullard

I found Leigh's blog, "CREATE," amidst my daily readings. Initially, I followed her blog because she had some fun posts, and I thought her work was interesting. I didn't really go beyond reading my feed until she mentioned a "give-away." She was raffling off one of her favorite prints. "Leigh makes prints?" Hmm... I thought, "Let's take a minute and browse her Etsy shop."

I stumbled into an oasis of creative perfection...

I am moving into a new apartment this weekend, so I had to buy at least one print for my walls! I bought the Untitled- Art Print. I plan to buy more, and on larger scales, but let's be honest. I'm a broke college student.

Leigh is not just some blogger out of Denver. Better put, she's a "connoisseur of the arts." Multi-faceted, and without lack of inspiration, she floods the retina with tantalizing formulas of innovation. I can't get enough.

Darrah: When I finally started to dive into your blog, I discovered that you are a make-up artist, a painter, a photographer, and a fashion blogger. You even have an Etsy shop! How in the world do you have time for all this?!
Leigh: I do not sleep [laughing]. No seriously, I have learned the greatness of prioritizing my time. Everything I do has a set day in my schedule, which I create each Sunday. My mind is constantly racing with ideas, so I love my journals and calendars for lists. I remain inspired because what I do is not tedious to me. Each week brings me something new. All the wonderful feedback from my customers and readers drives me that much further.

Darrah: When did you get into each particular medium?

Leigh: I started drawing consistently when I was 5-years-old. My family started to praise me for going a little further with my drawings. Being a shy child, I always used it as an outlet for my emotions. With makeup, I used to lock myself in my bathroom when I was young and steal my Mom's makeup and fashion magazines. I would try to emulate them. I went to school in 2000 to get my aesthetics license, and from there I worked in Aveda until I went freelance in 2002. Photography started for me in High School. I took a few classes and continued into college. It was great learning the technical aspects of photography, but I really didn't find my style until a few years ago.

Darrah: If you could choose only one creative outlet, which one would it be?

Leigh: I absolutely know I could not choose. I need to be stimulated back and forth. I think that's why I'm still learning and expanding into more interests, like fashion design and music.

Darrah: What make-up do you use?

Leigh: My top favorites are M.A.C., Aveda, and Lancome.

Darrah: Whose make-up would you love to do, and why?

Leigh: I would love to work with Madonna as she is so versatile with her looks -- it is endless. I would also love to volunteer my time with women that are trying to get into the work force again, or at a battered women's shelter. I think it's important to volunteer your skills when you can. It is the best feeling in the world to help with someone's self-esteem and give hope.

Darrah: Honestly, that's a brilliant idea. On to photography -- what type of camera do you use?

Leigh: I use a Nikon D50 at the moment. I have a Flickr, but I've been bad at keeping up with it. It's a work in progress.

Darrah: One of my favorite photographs in your Etsy shop is the girl lying on the tennis court. What inspired you to do this shoot?
Leigh: The model actually inspired the tennis shoot. She is a tennis player and wanted to interrogate her passion with her portfolio.

Darrah: I just bought your Untitled piece. Can you tell me more about it?

Leigh: This piece was inspired by fashion photography. While I was drawing, I began to think about how models can actually disappear, and the focus becomes more about the clothing. I started giving that feeling with her arms and fingers becoming thread-like.

Darrah: There couldn't be a more perfect print for me! What medium do you use for your artwork?

Leigh: I use quite a few mediums, being Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Charcoal, Pastel, Pen etc. I just started mixing it all into the same bodies of work last year. I love to expand and use what I feel will make a piece complete.

Darrah: If you don't mind me asking, how many pieces have you sold on Etsy?

Leigh: I just reached 300 sales in my first year at selling on Etsy! It has been my favorite place to sell online. Everyone is so supportive, and not to mention the wonderful talent that keeps me on my toes. I cannot wait to spend some money and support the other sellers.

Darrah: I can't wait to start supporting you and your beautiful work! Sometimes I don't feel inspired, and I will miss a day or two on my blog. Do you ever feel that way?

Leigh: All the time. I feel like if I miss a day creatively or not blog, I will miss out on everything. To be honest, the most important thing I have to remind myself is patience, and quality over quantity.

Darrah: What's your goal out of all this? Where would you like to end up?

Leigh: My goal is to not be a starving artist :) I really want to make it full-time in whatever creative outlet I work on. I think the best part of what I do is the fact that I can work from anywhere in the world. I don't want to be stuck in a job that could be dropped at any moment. I will always have to work harder than my 9-5 jobs, but the freedom to work for yourself and do what you love is priceless.


Capree said...

I love Leigh's work! I actually found her stuff on Etsy first and then her awesome blog - just the opposite! :D I'm so glad you interviewed her - this lady's the real deal!

sb said...

what a fantastic discovery! i am thrilled to learn more about leigh and buy her amazing art....

mesh and lace said...

ohhh thanks for the find! now i have to order some prints!!

love the blog!


redframe said...

I NEED one of those prints... actually all of them! Damn the spending hiatus. And postage difficulties across the Atlantic... Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

Leigh said...

Thank you so much for the interview Darrah :)

I cannot wait until you get your print(s). I also put a thank you on my blog as well.

And thank you all for your wonderful comments everyone.


Agnes said...

This was a great interview -- thanks. I am a fan too, her work is just amazing.

cassaundra said...

gorgeous prints!

E.K. said...

Wow what a great interview! She's a talented lady and you asked some great questions! Love your blog by the way.

Darrah said...

Thank you! I can't say enough about this artist. :0)

E.K. said...

I've seen work by all the sculptor's except Jane Alexander. Although the only one of the photos posted that I've seen in real life is Linda by John DeAndrea. I did a whole post about it with close ups, it's insane!

...love Maegan said...

Leigh is so unbelievably talented, beautiful and sweet!

C. Wade said...

Very thorough, interesting feature, and I love her work!

Michelle said...

I love the first print, it's amazing!

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So fabulous and sexy!!

Love it!

girl said...

this is so cool that you do this, I never would have found stuff like that on my own

NODtoMOD said...

fab interview! very fun...and i love leighs photos! im on my way to her etsy shop to check it out! xoxo

Nil said...

Wow those drawings are amazing!

Maggie May said...

i've been admiring Leigh for a while and am so very glad to see her get recognized like this!!! i should do a post on her at some point too. wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

Love you blog, I can't even keep up with all your fabulous posts lately. I'll keep trying, Love you!

alyssa said...

WOW...What an amazing artist!!! I love her stuff! I want it all.

Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

Her work is SO amazing! wow! Love it!
Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog!

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I love Leigh and her work! thanks for featuring her here...

lydia said...

She is truly talented, I do hope she reaches her goals and is able to support herself by doing what she loves!

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Thanks for sharing this :)

I adore her work and have saved the link, I hope to buy one of Leighs prints in the future! xxx

giselaisback said...

great prints :)